New or Pre-Owned Camper or Motorhome?

So you’re ready to join the world of Campering? Congratulations! Now the important question: to buy new or used? The biggest advantage to buying a pre-owned camper is price. You’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck if you take this route. However, a new camper will feature the latest and greatest in design, no one else will have ever lived in your RV and the mileage won’t be racked up.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How will you use it? When will you use it? Who else will use it? Where will you use it?

If you answered the questions confidently, if you’re a veteran whose found their camper's groove, then buying new might be your next step. If this is your first camper purchase or you’re still finding your path, buying used might be your best bet. You’ll be able to get a camper that’s only a couple of years old, with tons of features, at a much more affordable price while you figure out your camper's style.

Before buying a new or used RV, go through the following checklist:

Does It Feel Like Home?

Make sure the floor plan fits your lifestyle. Is the bed large enough? Are the kitchen and eating accommodations suitable to your needs? Is there enough closet space? Are the windows where you want them? Can you comfortably use the bathroom? Is the shower stall ideal for singing?

Spend the night

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable making the request. While staying, try out everything. Is it a dream come true?

Bring a Friend

If you know an experienced campier, ask them to tag along. Someone who’s been driving a camper for a few years will have some insight into the whole process.

Get it inspected

Ask a professional to give your camper the once over checking for leaks and any other potential areas of concern. Take it to a qualified service specialist, they might see problems you’ve over looked.